A dream about not remembering how to spell my name and cutting my hand – a reference to a growing

I dreamt I went to the DMV, I think, or maybe it was the airport?  Anyways, I had to stand in line for a long time which irritated me.  Once I got up to the desk I had to fill out a form and couldn’t remember how to spell my last name.  I looked at my drivers license and there was such a big scratch in it that I couldn’t read it.  I looked for other identification and could find any.  I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten my own name.  I felt stupid.

Later that night I dreamt that I had to stand in another line, which irritated me.  Once I got up to the desk I somehow cut myself on the hand and it wouldn’t stop bleeding.  It seemed that a lot of blood kept coming out and I got worried that I may bleed to death.

(Both these dreams, happening the same night, refer to a personal crisis I am having.  I seem to have a ‘personal crisis’ every so often.  I find it hard to do things, my mind seems somewhere else, I keep yearning for other things, and such.  I don’t seem ‘all there’.  Typically, from my experience, they refer to a growth process.   It’s like I need to shed my ‘old self’ to let a ‘new self’ come in, much like a snake sheds its old skin.  Part of the theme associated with this crisis is that humanity . . . overpopulated humanity . . . is preventing growth.  I want so much to be alone, away from the noise and mob of society, but it seems I can’t get away from it.  This is why, in both dreams, it started with me standing in line, which is a reference to overpopulated humanity.  The first dream, of me forgetting my own name, is a reference to how I can feel that my ‘old self’ is disappearing.  This is why I can’t remember my name.  My name, in the dream, refers to my old self.  And so this describes the crisis:  the inability for the new self to develop.  The second dream, of the bleeding, refers to an injury or dying, referring to the need for the old self to die so the a new one can appear.  This reveals a new for a ‘dying’ of my ‘old self’.  So the dream is as if to say:  “Overpopulated humanity is hampering me.  I feel the new self coming but cannot achieve the death of my old self because of humanities continual interference.”)

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