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Some thoughts on the problem of over-education

I tend to feel that there is a new problem nowadays:  over-education.  I generally define this as conforming your mind, perceptions, interpretations, and reality to a pre-established model or image that someone else created to such an extent that it interferes … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a sign I saw in a store that appalled me, with some remarks about American ideals

While walking through a store called “at home” I noticed a sign that appalled me.  It said: “The future is female” I have heard this before.  It was said by Hilary Clinton (see On how I was insulted by a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on my statement, “You expect me to believe that?” – describing the twenty first century

Here’s a thought I had: I am a great critic of American society and have often been in arguments with people about it.  I first began to criticize American society in the 1990’s primarily because it needed it.  But, twenty … Continue reading

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More thoughts on the growing female identity problem and alienation – the “female problem” – continuing effects of dehumanization

Recently, I made this statement: “The female, nowadays, has become alienated from the mother instinct.  That is to say, the mother instinct keeps prodding them but they are not in tune with it or are disassociated with it.  This is … Continue reading

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